Vues sur la Bourgogne Newspaper

The community newspaper "Vues sur la Bourgogne" is a communication tool for residents and community workers… but also a project to encourage neighbourhood participation and cooperation.

The newspaper appears four times a year and is completely bilingual, with an aim to serve the entire population of Little Burgundy.

The articles are written by volunteer journalists and any resident or community worker who wishes to participate can have a say on what goes into the paper. Employees of the Little Burgundy Coalition support the newspaper by coordinating the writing team and the newspaper layout. The print run of 5,000 copies is distributed throughout the neighbourhood by young residents.

The newspaper has several regular columns discussing different topics such as culture, creativity, health and youth. Additionally, it contains a calendar with major community events and a list of important addresses. Several important subjects have been highlighted since the paper was established, including social housing in Griffintown, school achievement for neighbourhood youth and Black History Month.

The newspaper committee is made up of residents and community workers.



To inform residents about what’s going on in their neighbourhood in terms of activities and services offered and the actions of the community organizations.

To mobilize citizens to participate, get involved and express themselves. To encourage local businesses to participate in community life.

To facilitate relationship-building among the various neighbourhood populations by raising awareness about the realities of other groups, so people can learn to understand each other better. To create links between organizations and so they can work together.

To promote neighbourhood history, showcase local volunteers and acknowledge people who contribute to improving community life.