Burgundy Path :

A participatory project 

Since 2013, the neighbourhood has been working on a Quartier 21 project aiming to promote active transportation and make connections among the area’s cultural communities by empowering neighbourhood residents to claim the path as their own. This process provides a perfect opportunity for citizens to discover (or rediscover) the history, culture and community life of the neighbourhood.

In concrete terms, the project will focus on three goals:

1. A walking trail: create a path that is accessible, safe, pleasant and green, linking the Lionel-Groulx and Georges-Vanier metro stations and the neighbourhood’s main activity hubs.

2. Public space: consult, propose improvements and take action on four different public spaces. Specifically, the project will involve constructing a pergola in front of the café/marché citoyen, making Chatham into a Green Alley and to propose improvements for Jazzmen Park and Vinet Park.

3. A bike path: consult the population and develop a proposal to develop a real cycling path from Lionel-Groulx Metro. Three different options are currently under study.


Burgundy Path map:



Citizen consultation

The Quartier 21 process in Little Burgundy is meant to be participatory and mobilizing for its residents. Since the process started, several consultations have taken place to take the neighbourhood’s pulse, with a focus on both the resident seniors and the youth, who make up a large part of the area’s population. In total, just over 600 citizens shared their neighbourhood vision. This year, citizens can participate in Burgundy Path activities including a festive marking and greening of the path.






Burgundy Path reports and documents:

Jazzmen Park:

  • Project specifications
  • Development proposal for Jazzmen Park in 2017


Vinet Park:

  • Project specifications
  • Safety audit report


Chatham Street:

  • Activity photos and reports


Café-Marché Petite-Bourgogne :

  • Report from the brainstorming day
  • Photos
  • Plan for the pergola



Path :


  • Safety and universal accessibility report
  • Report "Marquage et identité du Sentier de la Bourgogne : un Sentier de rencontres"
  • Bike path report