Isabelle Iskandar (Iska)

School Community Outreach  

Humanity fascinates me, from its experiences, its origins, its strenghts to its limits. Indeed, each and everyone of us carries a baggage and a story to share. The vast differences in cultural realities and migration paths have always raised a lot of curiosity in me. This interest has brought me to work over the years in many different extracurricular programs. Since then I have developped a lot of empathy for children living with academic difficulties and challenges. This raised my attention upon questions such as school drop out as well as social and academic integration of families and the youth have also been at the heart of my work bringing me to find constructive solutions for all. Thus, it is my pleasure to work in partnership with the actors of the community, the school and the families. 

Training: Certificate in Intervention with the youth, Bachelors in sciences, DEC in Arts and Litterature. 

Experience: Animator for extracurricular workshops with the youth. Project manager, photo exhibitions from divers cultural contexts and families.