Our vision is to ensure that the youth of Little Burgundy can develop their full potential. Our mission is to coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders in order to meet the needs of community youth.





  • Burgundy Awards Gala

  • Occupation of Oscar-Peterson Park project

  • Walk for education

  • Coopérative jeunesse de service (job creation for youth)

  • Subcommittee on addictions that organizes awareness-raising activities

  • Collaborating to create the position of School community liaison worker

  • Supporting different homework help programs in the neighbourhood



      Promote health lifestyles: 

  • Helping to develop healthy eating habits
  • Promoting physical activity

      Support academic success: 

  • Raising public awareness about issues and activities related to student retention
  • Recognizing and giving credit to young people
  • Building relationships with schools and other bodies involved in student retention and success

      Prevent crime, violence and drug use:    

  • Creating and promoting opportunities for youth (employment, education, etc.) and alternatives to the street
  • Supporting and reinforcing organizations involved in crime prevention

      Promote youth involvement in the community:   

  • Support the authorities of participation of the young people in the district.




     Amitié Soleil  Arrondissement Le Sud-Ouest  Atelier 850  BUMP
     Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi du Sud-Ouest  CEDA  Centre culturel Georges-Vanier  CSSS Sud-Ouest - Verdun
     Centre sportif de la Petite-Bourgogne  DESTA  Les Scientifines  Maison des jeunes L’Escampette
     Ministère de l’immigration  la diversité et l’inclusion, OMHM  Prévention Sud-Ouest  SPVM-PDQ 15
    TRAC Tyndale St-Georges Youth in Motion