Food security

Our mission is to meet the food needs of the disadvantaged population of Little Burgundy in an effort to combat poverty and promote sustainable development and public responsibility.




  • Compiling a directory of food security resources in Little Burgundy and Saint-Henri.

  • Planning activities for World Food Day.

  • Planning activities for Nutrition Month.

  • Offering educational activities on healthy eating during the community market.

  • Developing food-related activities for youth.

  • Improving community food aid.





      Promote the idea of food security to local residents and organizations: 

  • Ensure that the food security committee functions smoothly.
  • Promote a collective vision of food security development.
  • Raise awareness about the committee’s objectives in the community profile analysis.

      Develop the food awareness and nutritional skills of the target population and of neighbourhood organizations: 

  • Promote cooperative efforts by community organizations to develop related skills and knowledge
  •  Promote healthy eating to neighbourhood youth.  

      Improve residents abilities to make choices for a better food supply and promote access to good food: 

  • Promote physical and economic access to good, healthy food.
  • Raise awareness about access to good, healthy food .

      Support citizen participation and community organizations aiming to improve food security:  

  • Integrated into the previous three objectives




    Amitié Soleil


    Équipe Mobile en Alimentation





     YMCA/Éco-quartier du Sud-Ouest

    CSSS Sud-Ouest – Verdun

    Garde-Manger pour tous


    Réseau Providence

    Centre communautaire Tyndale St-Georges –

    Département pour adultes


    La Maison du Partage d’Youville